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Aruma Hotel & Boutique in Town, has 15 equipped rooms and apartments with the most comfortable beds and linens.


All our rooms offer air conditioning and roof fans, free Wifi access and breakfast included in Hoja Santa restaurant.


Having a rooftop terrace with swimming pool to refresh our guests with food and drink service puts Aruma Hotel in one of the top choices for new visitors in town.




Aruma Beach offers 3 rooms on the beach area just across the street from the beach itself. Just a few meters away from the ocean. This property features 24 hours A/C and wifi in the perfect location in the jungle.


Our guests are more than welcome to visit and use rooftop swimming pool facilities in town + breakfast at Hoja Santa in town as well.


In addition, all our guests will enjoy of free access to TATA beach club (adults only) + discounts in consumption at its bar and restaurant.


Both of our locations will help you be just walking distance from everything in town or beach area like local cuisine, international music, bars, nightlife, tour shops, souvenir and handcraft shops and just some minutes biking or driving from natural wonders that surround us. Cenotes, lagoons, natural reserves, variety of birds, fishes and mammals and many more abundant nature will invite you to connect with nature and return to it.




Tulum is a perfect spot for cultural exploration as well. Arqueological sites like Tulum, Coba, Muyil and Chichen Itza are very accessible from Tulum town. There are many more cultural options that we will let you discover during your visit.


Also cenotes offer a window to look out at the sacred landscapes of the ancestral Maya. There are many cenote open to be visited by the public: Calaveras, Grand Cenote, Dos Ojos, Yax Che…each one with the sigularity that characterizes them. Let us guide you through the Riviera Maya to get that unique experience you are looking for.


Tulum is also internationally known as a spiritual vortex where visitors can re-discover and re-connect with mother nature and from it, to get again in touch with the real meaning of life. Tulum offers Temazcales and different kind of massage and therapies to treat yourself during your vacations or your business trip. Allow yourself to combine some work days with enjoyment as well as relaxation.


Tulum is an area where the Mayan culture is still alive today. From the ancient Maya of whom we visit and learn through archeological sites, their descendants coexist with visitors from all over Mexico and the rest of the world that today make Tulum a cosmopolitan tourist destination. Having the possibility of living with descendants of an ancient culture and so valued among our knowledge is a very unique factor that we must take advantage of. At Aruma Hotel & Boutique we can help you organize the experience you wish from learning the Mayan language, the Mayan cuisine or visiting a Mayan community to taking a Yoga or diving course during your visit.


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